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Welcome to my web site.
The images in my portfolio on this site are mixed media works I've completed within the past five years.  Some are on canvas and some are on panel.  

More specifically, on the canvas works I use charcoal, acrylic, and in some cases, collage. The charcoal is fixed and layered with clear acrylic medium which enables me to paint up to and sometimes over the charcoal in layers.  All are coated with an acrylic medium which preserves and protects the painting. 

On the paper works, I laminate paper to panel, execute an acrylic wash, draw on that with charcoal, and then fix the drawing in stages, applying several coats of acrylic media.  There is no glass needed to frame the works on paper because the surface is sealed and resilient, leaving a beautiful, sensuous texture.  In effect, they are drawings on paper but every bit as finished and protected as a painting on canvas.

"Sphere"(Collection of Fine Art Museum, Santa Fe)
mixed media on canvas, 48x48", 2007.

The series I am working on now are all figurative works.  I am most interested in the human form and in particular the male.  These images come from my interest in pursuing a realistic depiction of the male body and of the less-than-perfect body type as opposed to the glamorized male youth so prominent in our mass media. 
They are all self-portraits as I strive to look at my own body with an artist's eye, analyzing the flaws within the form, the changes wrought by age, and the compositions of the flesh. 
I am also interested in the subtlety of gesture and what we say with our hands and body movements.  How we touch each other and how we touch ourselves are of particular interest to me. The communication that comes with gesture and the expression we convey through our bodies and hands is profound and fascinating.

Another aspect of my work is that of composing the body as landscape.  By framing my compositions the way I do, I strive for an unconventional way of viewing the form in a broader "landscape" context.  The "peaks, valleys, and lines" of our bodies are as venerable to me as the grandest of landscapes.
I have no desire to be a photo-realist in the execution of my work.  I am much more interested in the representation of form in a more ethereal way and also blending that into the realm of abstract and two-dimensional space.  I want viewers to be aware of the contrast between three dimensional forms juxtaposed with planar surface and texture.
I hope with this series to inspire people to look at the male human body as the natural, beautiful form that it is. Just as the feminie body has been idolized as the representaion of beauty for centuries, the male body also embodies beauty, aesthetic canons, and symbolic ideals.

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The artist in his studio.

Announcements ...

• I've been selected to be in a prestigious group show, "Re-Presenting the Nude II", curated by John O'Hern, at Evoke Gallery.  The Opening is July 6th from 5-7pm and the show runs through July 31st.
• Brand New Studio in 2011!  Much more space to work!  
• Studio Visits can be arranged when you're visiting Santa Fe by contacting me at: m.freed.sf@gmail.com 
24x24", charcoal on panel

* To see the online catalogue for the Evoke show, "Re-Presenting the Nude II" click HERE. (My piece is on page 18).

Also, be sure to check out my P-town gallery's site!  Click on their link in my "Contacts" section...


Michael Freed • m.freed.sf@gmail.com